Tuesday February 18: Trends in Lean and Agile Transformations

Join us in this ADJUGO event and learn about the trends in SAFe 5.0, Team Growing and Organization Growing.

Become an agile company or organization

Agile started out in 2001 as a better approach to develop software.

In 2020, agile is the driving force behind a major innovation of how companies and government think and work and organize themselves.

Agile unleashes the power of teams. People like to work in teams.  Collaboration, achieving results together, makes us happy, creative, energized. People in strongly knit teams can handle change much better than in traditional hierarchies. And the pace of change is forever increasing.

Companies do not need managers, they need leaders.

Humans are not resources. We are people. The HR-department needs renaming and needs to focus on developing talents and handling change in the organization.

And it is all about the customer. We need to understand him, map the customer experience, empathize with his needs in order to develop new products.

ADJUGO can help you make this transformation

We can coach. We provide training.

We can train and coach you in SAFe(R) (Scaled Agile Framework). 2020 is the start of version 5.0 of SAFe, aimed at creating agile companies and organizations. At scale.

We believe in the power of teams. We have collaboration in our DNA. But we train our children in individualism, competition and hierarchy. So we need coaching to help teams become their natural selves and grow into the powerhouses of collaboration, innovation and satisfaction.

We offer training to become a team coach, stimulating Team Learning.

We innovate as well. We collaborate with Organisatie 4.0 to develop a course to become Organization Coach, helping Organizations to becoming Learning Organizations.