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Digital transformation

IT has pervaded our lives. We shop on-line, share our life on Facebook, are always and everywhere connected.

Doing business has changed profoundly and the role of ICT with it. IT used to support business. Now IT is part of the core value streams of company or organization. In a technologically fast evolving environment with forever more volatile users.  

To keep up with this new fast pace requires a dedicated strategy. Lean-agile and DevOps provide the best solution to the challenge: able to change fast and adapt to changing circumstances, while maintaining high quality and security and an interesting work environment where talent thrives. Because we do not just need to deliver high quality services, we need to enchant the customer...

ADJUGO can help you make this transformation

ADJUGO's mission is to help you make the transition to the more flexible and innovative IT integrated into the business value streams that the digital transformation requires. 

This is not easy. There is a lot of value in current processes. Management and employees alike will need to adopt a new mindset: servant leadership, self-organizing teams, a networked organization, letting go of budget thinking. The lean-agile transformation is a major change challenge, the move from a Command and control, up-front decided, orderly planned "push"-environment to a place where teams react to the customer and "pull in" work continuously prioritized and delivered just-in-time.

We find that the SAFe(R) model (Scaled Agile Framework) is very useful to support the transformation. SAFe is a very complete model that helps large organizations move to a more responsive, innovative and rewarding way of working.

The SAFe model is now significantly strengthened by fully incorporating DevOps. The DevOps training/workshop in particular is a very strong asset to hel reorganize the IT-department towards a continuous delivery of high quality software.

Change management 

Even our approach to change management suffers from traditional thinking, "pushing" change through instead of "pulling" the change. We use the Growing Teams approach, so that we can make the change using the way of thinking of the destination instead of the present mindset.


You can check out our training calendar for several lean-agile training sessions. Or you can contact us if you are interested in this topic and would like to know more...

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