Organization coaching

To be effective, the lean-agile transformation requires a mind-shift at all levels.

An organization coach can help you make it happen.

Know what you want and deliver results

Servant leadership, high-performing teams, a new way of working pervading all processes and re-defining relations: the change is challenging.

The basis for a successful change is: make it work and have results to show for it.

The lean-agile transformation is not just for the development teams. If ou want to become a competitive agile enterprise, management will need to know what to do.

The organization coach can help you spot which improvements can have most impact. Which metrics you want to use, what to look for as encouraging signs are signs of trouble ahead. Your guide during the journey.

Set your goal                                                            Help build performing teams

Align around a vision

Know what you want. And capture it in a vision. Clarity about where you want to go will help you focus. Will help those around you to focus. Will help the teams to set their objectives in line with yours.

We help you and your teams make those goals explicit. People are often hesitant to talk about their dreams and expect others not to share them. Turns out that most teams are far more aligned and that team members often share concerns and ambitions. This alignment is a great motivator and will help you in keeping talent on board.

The Lean-Agile Center of Excellence

A recent report by Gartner confirms: agile transformations have more success when an agile center of excellence is installed. They keep the momentum going, align people and teams, support and distribute best practices and provide inspiration.

Best results: make a charter for the LACE and provide corporate sponsorship. Run the LACE as an agile team, with a scrum master/head coach and a product owner managing the backlog of training, coaching and reporting needs.

ADJUGO can help you set you the LACE and provide resources. The scrum master of the LACE is best an organization coach, with a profound understanding of lean and agile and the coaching skills to inspire the other coaches.

Lean Portfolio Management: Capture your vision and progress

Establish Lean Portfolio Management to improve the alignment of our portfolio to the company strategy. And monitor progress of your initiatives.

Lean Portfolio Management and the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence work together to make a success of your lean-agile way of working. Portfolio management provides governance and monitors compliance if needed.

Measure progress through the agile scan

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If you want to know how well you are doing on the lean-agile highway, you may want to measure the progress. ADJUGO can come and perform a Business Agility Assessment that tells you where you are and what improvements will give most results in a short time.

We will come out of the assessment with an actionable roadmap!

Organization coaches will help you succeed.