SAFe is the leading model for

lean-agile at scale

Understanding SAFe is the best service you can provide to your company when going through the digital or agile transformation. SAFe incorporates the leading ideas on agility and lean product development and will really help to empower you teams. 

Understand business agility

SAFe started out as a model to scale agile product development. By incorporating the growing insight in agile and the innovations in DevOps, Lean Startup and Design Thinking, SAFe is evolving to become the standard for the transformation of large corporations to become leaner and more agile

Learn from others

SAFe may look like a big theoretical model, but it is also agile at the core. The model evolves and SAFe incorporates best practices as it encounters them.  SAFe is a practical guide on  your transformation journey. Learn from SAFe, start with SAFe best practices, and improve through Inspect and Adpat.

Empower your teams

It may be hard to see in the big model, but SAFe is actually built to enable teams in large organizations to work effectively together with way more autonomy. Combine this with a focus on removing obstacles and on creating value for your customers, and SAFe sets the scene for a happier work environment

ADJUGO can help you understand, implement and like SAFe

ADJUGO is the leading specialist in Belgium in training in the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe and related topics. We provide public classroom training (see calendar) as well as in-house training on demand. We are certified for the following SAFe official training modules and they all lead to certification of the participants, by taking an on-line exam within 30 days after following the training.

The most populare SAFe trainings are:

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Leading SAFe

Learn the principles and essentials of SAFe as a model and your role as leader or consultant in the SAFe transformation.

Explains how agile at scale, lean product development, DevOps, Design Thinking and Learning Organizations work together to enable business agility. This overview is essential to understand the functioning of SAFe.

This is our bestseller SAFe training! Two days,  leads to  SAFe SA (Scaled Agilist) certification.

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Lean Portfolio Management

Traditional Project Portfolio Management monitors budgets and fixed plans to achieve financial governance in a hierarchical enterprise.

SAFe LPM instead focuses on continuously aligning the portfolio to the strategy, and on the creation of value while controlling cost. This gives more autonomy to programs and teams.

The two-day training leads to the SAFe LPM certifcation..

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SAFe DevOps

SAFe builds a delivery pipeline for product development. This pipeline is based on the principles of DevOps.

SAFe DevOps is a fascinating training-cum-workshop, where the teams map their current valuestream and measure its process efficiency and rework due to low quality. The best practices explained in the training are immediately applied to make an improvement plan.

Two training, SAFe DevOps certificate.

SAFe Agile Product and Solution Management

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SAFe Agile Software Engineering

Creating a lean flow of software development requires adopting best practices in code development. Automating tests, installing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery all are inspired by XP practices and contribute massively to creating a fast flow of value creation.

More on SAFE Agile Software Engineering.

Adjugo offers the training in-house only.

SAFe for Architects

SAFe focuses on the collaboration of several teams on one product or one product family. To ensure integration, agile architects need to develop standards, interfaces and components, the architectural runway, that can be used to build functions. Architecture and the architectural runway is required to maintain a high speed of value creation even the code base becomes larger and more complex.

More on SAFe for Architects

Adjugo offers this training in house only.

SAFe Agile Product and Solution Management

SAFe replaces projects by product thinking. Product Managers and Product owners need a whole set of skills to be effective in modern, agile product development. Learn how to define a vision, strategy, and roadmap to tap into new markets. Get fast feedback and deliver exceptional products and solutions that delight while aligning with your organization’s strategy, portfolio, evolving architecture, and solution intent.