Meet the Adjugo Team

Company team

Chris Verlinden, partner

 Founder and agile pioneer, Chris has introduced the lean-agile mindset in Adjugo and in numerous customers. I love giving SAFe training and consultancy in companies transitioning towards lean and agile. 

Company team

Karen De Boeck, partner

Karen is a leading lean-agile transformation consultant and an organization coach. I have a broad view and a talent to set thing in motion.

Company team

Marie Jacqmin, agile coach

I believe in motivating people by active listening, bringing structure, flow, transparency and a shared vision, by experiencing the fun and being proud of what we achieved at the end of the day.

Agility is not an empty concept, it is a way of doing, thinking and behaving... I try to follow my natural flair to bring agile to help teams become more self-organized and bring change to all contexts I work in.