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The fast pace of change

You have probably felt it? The world is changing forever faster, unpredictably, threatening our way of life and our way of working. Maybe you feel the stress, and many colleagues go in burnout.

 Successful organizations need to cope with this fast change. Lean-agile methodologies provide the framework and processes. 

But we also need to take the people along on this journey. Change is too often a threat, particularly in hierarchical organizations, draining energy and provoking resistance. Burnout is a real issue.  
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Agility and change

 The agile way of working is based on autonomous teams that can cope with change more easily. Change is part of life in agility. 

The agile transformation is however a big change in itself and the teams do not start out as the resilient, self-confident teams we want them to be.  

We do not want to use the stress-inducing, top-down, command-and-control approach to the agile transformation. Instead, we focus on growing the teams: growing their confidence, trust and motivation. 

TeamGrowing: engage the teams

 That is why we use the TeamGrowing approach developed by Organisatie 4.0. We want to help teams achieve autonomy, confidence, trust, transparency, customer orientation and finally performance. Gradually, step by step, in an agile way.  

Learning teams.  We believe that such 'learning teams' are happier and better performing. They can embrace change as a positive challenge, taking the stress out of change.  

Work in well performing teams gives the team members energy and pleasure. Fulfillment. And this enhances their resilience, their ability to cope with change. Because the team members can lean on each other. 
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Training team leader

In your (new) role as team leader, you need to motivate, help the team set goals, engage them. 

In this new two-day training,, you will acquire the essential skills to become a better and engaging team leader.

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Training team coach

As a team coach, your mission will be to help your team grow into a learning team, achieving its true strengths and capabilities.

Follow the team coach training and help your team become happier and better performing.

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Training organization coach

Team coaches need to work together to help the organization move to a more collaborative way of working. The training organization coach will take your team coaching skills a level higher, so that you can help the company grow this new culture.

TeamGrowing changes company culture

It changed us. The style of our agile coaches and of our training sessions is deeply influenced by the insights of the TeamGrowing model. We welcome you to be inspired as well.