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The lean-agile transformation requires a profound change in processes and in mindset.

Fortunately, we can perform the agile transformation in an agile way. It is a journey, and every step in the right direction advances you on the road.

Lean and agile is not a destination, it will remain a journey, of continuous improvement and adjustment. So you need to equip yourselves with the right travel gear to keep moving. A good knowledge of the processes. A backpack with tools that will keep you moving. Teams and management that want to learn and grow together.

Our basic offer therefore is training. ADJUGO is the leading provider of public SAFe training in Belgium, with Leading SAFe training as the flagship. We also offer Lean and agile basics, in-house as well as public training, to help you with the processes. And training in TeamLearning and Organization Learning, so that you have the necessary tools in your backpack to keep learning and moving on your journey.

Although agile is a journey of many small steps, you may still need help during the start. Lean and agile transformations involve a lot of change, even in smaller organizations, and the change is large organizations can be daunting. Our experienced agile coaches can provide guidance and can help teams become and live agile, not just perform the rituals.

The change is not limited to teams on the work floor. Management needs to become a team themselves, become better at ease with trust and leadership, creating a safe environment and supporting continuous learning and improvement.

Finally, you may need some consultancy during lean and agile transformations, defining the goals, better describing the roles, clarify what the architects need to do, implement a lean-agile portfolio team to support the transformation and the agile teams and generally improve the DevOps pipeline.

ADJUGO can help you in all of these areas...     Contact us