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Training Professional Scrum Master

In this this two-day training you get all the knowledge and insights you need to certify as a Scrum Master. In addition, our interactive exercises let you experience and fill your backpack with a lot of hands-on tools, formats, basic coaching skills and practical examples. You will be able to successfully unleash the power of scrum, of your teams, and together bring more valuable products to your customers.




  •           The origin, definition and benefits of Scrum

  •            The role of the Team, the Scrum Master and the Product Owner

  •            How to get maximum value of the Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and Product Increment

  •            What and how the Scrum ceremonies can help you to maximise the value for your customers

  •            Interactive simulation of a sprint and all scrum principles

  •            Best practices and pitfalls

  •            Team dynamics: how to motivate and coach my team towards self-organisation and continuous improvement

  •            Basic principles of Scaling agile in the organisation

  •            Specific cases of the participants

We apply lots of team dynamics and coaching techniques during the training, and pay special attention to highly interactive virtual facilitation techniques.

We pay special attention to creation of a team of participants, during the training itself, and to virtual facilitation techniques.  As we received the feedback that experience how to become a team, able to perform their role in an more and more on-line context, is a highly added value of all our trainings.


After this course, you:

  •             Are able to help your team and organisation to generate maximal value through adaptive solutions

  •            Have all the knowledge and insights (and a voucher) to certify as a Scrum Master (PSM I Certified Scrum Master at scrum.org)

  •            Understand and have experienced the relations between the scrum roles, artifacts and ceremonies, their value for your specific context, the why behind them.

  •            Have explored the ‘must do’s ‘ in scrum, and how to optimally make use of the degrees of flexibility in your context

  •            Have a backpack filled with hands-on tools to start implementing scrum in your team or organisation, or to make your ongoing agile journey more effective and engaging.

  •            Are part of a community of scrum masters/agile coaches who support each other afterwards


Training material

  •            Training documentation

  •            Interactive workshop materials and facilitation tips&tricks

  •            Scrum.org test exam and access to the certification exam

  •            Links to interesting books, websites, video’s to use in your team


ADJUGO frequently organizes public training sessions in Brussels, or while COVID restrictions apply, on-line (check our Training Calendar ). The training is also available for in-house sessions. Please contact us if you are interested.