Scrum Master End-to-End Digitalization

Boulevard du Souverain 25, 1170 Brussels, Belgium

React before: 27/06/2019

Contract details

ASAP, long term


Accountabilities to the development team

• Helping the team produce high value and high quality products
• Unblocking the team and removing impediments
• Facilitating agile ceremonies
• Coaching the team for agile ways of working
• Help the team to consistently adhere to relevant engineering practices

Accountabilities To The Product Owner And Delivery Lead

• Working with product owner to ensure a clear product vision and the team owns it
• Working with product owner and the team to make sure the team understands the product road map and works on the right tasks at the right time
• Working with product owner to make the sure backlog is in good shape
• Identify and communicate dependencies and make them transparent
• Working with delivery lead to help with multi team coordination and delivery
• Working with delivery lead around quarterly planning, estimation, capacity

Accountabilities To The Organisation

• Work with “neighbor teams” to facilitate delivery
• Participate in cross team activities such as initiate delivery, scrum of scrum, engineering demos etc
• Work with other Scrum Masters and create a “Community of Practice”
• Assist and coach other team with scrum and kanban when necessary
• Help the company implement and improve on agile methodologies


• Experience with working in complex software
• Ability to participate in solution and architectural discussions
• Hands on experience from software development
• A passion and track record in developing outstanding technical teams in fast-paced environments including sustainable improvements to throughput, quality and overall performance.
• 3 years experience as Scrum Master and/or Product Owner
• Practical and pragmatic experience of applying a variety of Agile techniques in different environments, and at scale.
• Persuasive and compelling communication skills
• Highly analytical and data driven.