Inspiring leadership

Achieve your goals together through empathy, inspiration and helping each other grow.

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Connect through empathy

To inspire, you need to connect. Connection requires empathy.

You probably have the empathy it takes to become an inspiring leader. But you also need excellent listening skills to lay the connection your team or partners needs from you.

You can learn how to lay connection and how to show empathy. In our training on Inspiring Leadership (and on TeamGrowing) we let you experience and teach you how to establish connection.

Inspire by your example

Be authentic. Do as you say. Live your own values.

Motivate, do not deal with resistance.

Know what you want to achieve, know your "10", aim for it, get others to share this ambition, align to a common goal.

As an inspiring leader, I also know what my team members want to achieve. And where I can, I will help them achieve their 10...

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Grow and help others grow

You inspire by setting inspiring goals - and by achieving them.

You serve your team by helping them grow. Grow and become better at their job. Grow and become a better performing team. This high-performing team will achieve the results you aim for together. And this reinforces the inspiration and motivation.

An inspiring leader needs the skills to grow their team. Skills we teach in our TeamGrowing training.

The uplifting spiral of positivity

You may have experienced it: negative emotions push you down in a negative spiral and a limited tunnel vision.

But it works in the opposite direction as well. Positive psychology shows that positive emotions lift you up and you achieve the opposite of tunnel vision: you broaden your view, think more out of the box, and are more motivated to build.

It is called the Broaden - Build effect.

Inspiring leadership is about creating the positive environment and reinforcing the uplifting spiral. 

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You can become an inspiring leader.

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