Scaled Agile Framework: a free introduction

15/12/2015 18:30 to 15/12/2015 21:00 (Europe/Brussels)

Brussels, Belgium

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An introcution to the exciting world of the Scaled Agile Framework for agile - lean software development

In this free seminar we will introduce the model and its core principles. These apply not just to large organisations and software development alone. Lean-agile offers insights that can be used in a wide range of situations.

Next to the framework we will present a practical case study showing how SAFe complements the deficiencies of a traditional Scrum approach and the benefits SAFe brought for the customer

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The SAFe agile framework delivers

No other software development approach delivers the same excellent results as the agile methods Scrum/XP.

These agile approaches are difficult to use in larger organisations, though. They work very well in the small teams where they originate, but have a hard time to really communicate with traditional management - and vice versa. The Scaled Agile Framework offers a solution to cross the gap between traditional approaches and a new, innovative and vibrant lean-agile world.

Please do not hesitate and register now for this free seminar. We hope to meet you there!


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From 15/12/2015 18:30
To 15/12/2015 21:00


+32 (0)474 891 705

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