Agile: Transition and Transformations

Why does agile Improv accelerate the art of spontaneous & creative alignment?

Proposed by Egg3

♦ How to empower (DevOps) teams with weapons of agility & improv successfully = sustainably for the long term?

♦ How are Improvisation and innovation intimately linked by the response to the immediate environment and the invention of new, creative thought patterns?

♦ Why do both improv format and devops practice depend on internalised skills and processes to achieve a polished but mindful responsiveness to their clients’ requirements?

♦ How can DevOps Teams that allow themselves to explore and play find this creativity & self-organization, with ease?

♦ Why is Creativity naturally a self organizing system?

Joris Swinnen

Practical Info

10/05/2017 12:20
30 minutes