Team topologies

Stef Cuisinier presents: team topologies

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Illustrated by Birte Kooken from Re-Boot

Stef Cuisinier has introduced us to Team Topologies and his view on how  it integrates with other models such as SAFe, LeSS, Sociocracy and Holacracy.

What is the purpose of the team

Team Topologies is based on the idea that work that is transmitted to another team to get finished takes an order of magnitude larger in duration to get finished. Teams are limited in size by the complexity of interactions and by cognitive load, though, so interfaces between teams and handovers are inevitable. This requires a smart design of your teams and their roles.

The best results are achieved by 'stream aligned' teams, teams that function in the value stream and are part of the flow (as also described in SAFe). Those teams function best if they are long-lived, multi-functional and are supported in their self-organization.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Applying the insights

After Stef's introduction we used the newly acquired insights to discuss how we could use it to help optimize the organization of one of our customers.

Designing the team topology does not just reflect the current needs, but must be adaptable so it can take care of changes.

We discussed designing a workshop along the lines of the SAFe DevOps Workshop, but potentially broader in scope, so also including non-IT teams.

Thanks, Stef and Birte for the great work and discussions. Looking forward to future collaboration in this and other areas.

And thanks to all other participants for the collaboration and the creative input!

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